How a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business

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How a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business

Are you currently overloaded with work? Do you find yourself never completing the tasks on your to-do list? Maybe you feel like you’re drowning and currently under constant pressure?

What you need is someone to take the pressure off. That someone is a Virtual Assistant.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are quickly noticing the benefits of working with Virtual Assistants to help them with the growth of their business.

If you work with a good, passionate VA, you will quickly discover that their priority is to help you achieve your goals. Hiring a VA is most likely the best investment you can make for your business. Why? Because you can delegate the tasks that are zapping your time and energy and are not assisting with business growth. By delegating these tasks you are saving time and money, (not to mention stress),  therefore increasing your productivity and enabling you to spend your time on the tasks that will help you reach your goals quicker.

But how exactly can a Virtual Assistant benefit you?

Increase your productivity. By identifying the tasks that consume your time, you are able to assess which of those tasks can and should be done by someone else. These tasks may include:

Email management

Diary management and appt scheduling

Document and presentation creation

Streamlining processes

Online research

Travel research and co-ordination

Data entry


Project Support

Event organisation


Social media scheduling

Cost-efficient. Here is how a Virtual Assistant can save you money:

The average hourly rate for a VA is £30 – £35 per hour. Work out how many hours per day you spend on admin or tasks that can be done by someone else. How much are you paying yourself to do these tasks?

The hourly rate may appear high to you, especially if you’re accustomed to hiring a full-time employee (FTE). HOWEVER, you must remember that you only pay for what you have been invoiced. There are no overhead costs such as taxes, benefits, office or equipment costs.

A full-time employee is paid constantly, even when they are sat twiddling their thumbs. Your VA will only charge you for the time worked.

Access to talent and tools

A Virtual Assistant will often work with multiple clients from a variety of industries. (But fear not, they will make you feel like the only one).  This will benefit you and your business, as your VA will have experience and knowledge of a variety of tools and apps to support you. They may also be part of a wider VA networking circle/membership group which means they have access to a wealth of knowledge.

How do I find a suitable Virtual Assistant?

There is no one size fits all. Every VA is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as personality. My recommendations are:

  1. Identify the tasks you need your VA to do
  2. Try to find a VA who shares the same values as you. In my experience, if the two aren’t aligned, the relationship will not flourish and will, very quickly, become toxic
  3. Find a VA who has the right personality for you. Do you want someone who is going to sit silently in the background or would you prefer someone who will be an active partner and happy to make suggestions and have an input? (FYI – I am NOT a silent VA)
  4. Identify if the location of your Virtual Assistant is important or not. Some people like to work with local VAs, others don’t care as long as the work is done. I have clients located all over the UK and I’ve met all but one F2F. For them, the location is not and has never been, an issue.
  5. Know your budget. Once you know your budget you know who you can work with. Please don’t insult a VA by asking them to reduce their fees – this hasn’t happened to me, but I do know it happens.
  6. Do your research. Check out client testimonials. Follow them on social media/check out their website. Ensure they have appropriate insurance and are ICO registered.

Once you have shortlisted a few possible VAs, book a discovery call with them and then you’ll be able to decide who is the best match for you and your business needs. Always trust your gut instinct.

If you would like some information on how you as a business owner can onboard your Virtual Assistant, check out this blog by VA trainer Amanda Johnson from VACT:

how to successfully onboard your Virtual Assistant

If you would like to know more about working with me, contact me for a chat and we can discuss your needs and see if we’re a potential match.





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Your search for reliable business support is now over

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